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Many aspects impact the employees' creativity and productivity, and how the workplace feels is one. If your clients visit your business site, a welcoming office area has a positive impact and makes them want to come back more often. Freshly painted offices attract clients and motivate employees, and some colours can even boost employees' energy.

If you need office painting and decorating services in the Leamington Spa area, the team at Painters Leamington Spa is the most reliable to hire. We take on all projects and handle any office space, regardless of the size, complexity grade, or condition. We are knowledgeable, creative, and ready to make any office space the most welcoming space it can ever be.

Painters Leamington Spa is the answer for office painting and decorating services

A business space with an energetic vibe feels healthy and safe and makes employees more productive and creative.

Our team at Decorators Leamington Spa has a rich experience in painting and decorating services for residential and commercial spaces.

We know that such services can affect your business activities, so we can come whenever is best for you.

Moreover, we make sure that our work has minimal intrusion into your daily business activities. We want you to have a pleasant experience with us from beginning to end.

Our team executes high-quality painting and decorating work for small and large businesses, offices, shops, banks, charities, media agencies, bars, etc.

Our company is the most popular choice among commercial and residential customers. We paint and decorate office spaces of all sizes, ages, conditions, or complexity.

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Hire our company to enjoy many benefits

Several companies offer painting and decorating services in Leamington Spa and surrounding areas. We have our most profound respect for them and are thankful for raising the bar in this industry. With all due respect, we stand out with our excellent painting and decorating services and affordable rates. When you hire us, you will experience many benefits:

We are creative and open to communication

At Decorators Leamington Spa, we have what it takes to turn any outdated space into a jaw-dropping working space. Don't worry if you're not sure which decorative style suits your office the best—that's where our creativity comes into place! We are known for our openness and ability to keep communication flowing. We can help you identify or create the unique vibe your office space was missing.

We put our experience and creativity to good use and help you discover the best colours for your office space. The type and height of the ceiling, the colour and intensity of artificial light, the colour of the workstations, and the amount of natural light are some of the many factors affecting the colours most suited for your office's walls.

We use the best products and methods

Experience and creativity can only get you this far in this business; access to high-quality materials and modern tools is also essential. As a result, we stay connected to the industry's latest developments and use products from the most reliable manufactures. We also turn to the most innovative methods and most up-to-date equipment to paint and decorate office spaces. For example, we use scrubbable paint to avoid wall staining from the chairs.

We work around your schedule

We don’t want to affect your office activity more than we need to. We can come for office redecoration services over weekends and have minimal intrusion if we come during office hours.

We have competitive rates

Our painting and decorating services come at affordable rates for most clients. We constantly adjust our methods, products, and services to their budget without compromising the quality of the final result.

We offer many office painting and decorating services

The painters at Decorators Leamington Spa are knowledgeable, creative, and expert in completing various office painting and decorating jobs. Here are some of our most popular services:

Office floor painting

We have the skills and equipment to varnish and apply epoxy resin coatings. We successfully manage concrete and wooden flooring.

Wide vinyl wall coverings

We know that Muraspec and texture wallcovering are extraordinary as feature walls, and we have the tools and skills to apply them.

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We handle pre-finished metal doors and window frames and refresh old flaked paint or update the colour scheme in your office.

Stairwell/staircase painting

The painters and decorators at Decorators Leamington Spa are trained and insured to work at heights. Our work includes many projects for commercial staircases.

External office block decorations

Our technicians have many skills, such as using cherry pickers and completing large scale redecoration projects.

Please consider our recommendations for office decorating jobs

Throughout the years, we have completed many projects of various sizes and complexity grades. We’re more than happy to share with you some of our knowledge about decorating and painting services for office spaces. Here are some of the elements that count for such projects:


When it comes to office walls, we recommend you to turn to neutral colours. Most recent studies reveal that blues help people be more alert, resulting in better productivity and energy.

Many clients go with grey feature walls or light grey colours for a more discrete appearance. Feature wall colours can take office space and give an energy boost to employees. Diamond matt and acrylic eggshells are hard-wearing paints, and we recommend clients to use them for office spaces.


White and off whites represent the most appropriate colours for office spaces because they create the illusion of a more spacious office and reflect light. Silk white or matt is top-rate colour amongst our clients.


Office floors have to withstand high foot traffic, especially around the desk where employees use the chairs more frequently. Look for the most durable floorings, such as epoxy resin coating.

Expoxy resin, tiles, carpets, and lino flooring are some of the most popular options for offices, and each has benefits and downsides. We suggest you choose carpets to absorb sound in an open-plan office space. We can help you with painting services for tiled floors as well.


We recommend you pick LED low energy lighting to give your office a modern and bright feel while keeping the running costs relatively low.


Many offices have satinwood sheen and eggshell for woodwork. Our painters use oil-based paints because they take high traffic very well. White doors, frames, and skirting boards have been popular for a very long time. However, greys are becoming trendy for woodwork in offices. Regardless of the colour you choose, we prepare the wood surfaces so that our work lasts for many years.

Call us for a free quote

Painters Leamington Spa is the company to call for painting and decorating services for offices of all types, sizes, and conditions. Give us a call to find out further information about our services and receive a quote for the job.

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