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Coming back to a nice warm home after a hectic day at work is something we all enjoy. However, a lovely looking house requires constant work and regular maintenance, and most of us manage to stay on top of it. If removing the cobwebs or cleaning the gutters are easy enough for most, things like painting the house every couple of years is something to leave to professionals.

We are proud to offer house painting services for customers in Leamington Spa and neighbouring areas. It doesn't matter how big, small, essential, or sophisticated your house is—we can come and give it a nice looking colour whenever you call us! Our technicians are skilled, experienced, and use products from prestigious brands. Your house will look fantastic for years to come! Call us for details and a quote.

One-stop for house painting services: Painters Leamington Spa

We know we're not the only company to offer house painting services in Leamington Spa. On the other hand, we know we stand out because our excellent services come at affordable rates for most customers.

In addition, we use the methods, products, and tools most suited for your house and stay within your budget limitations as well.

Our painters are experienced and have perfect results when painting brickwork, woodwork, doors, wooden soffits, fascia, and window frames.

We are experts in complete external house painting. It's easy to find a new colour for your house because we offer you so many colours to choose from.  

In addition, we use products from the most reputed brands because we want your house’s new external paint to last for many years, regardless of how harsh the elements are.

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Hire professionals for house painting services. Here’s why!

You don't need to be a house owner for decades to know that keeping the house's woodwork in good shape protects the structure and decreases the risk of dampness reaching inside the house. Wood elements of your home require a fresh coat of paint/varnish every couple of years so that wood doesn't rot. If you postpone it, it's only a matter of time until you need to replace the woodwork—it’s a lot more expensive than professional house painting! Moreover, the insurance companies don't cover woodwork replacement, so it's wise to hire professionals for house painting every couple of years.

Your house might need a new look

Painting the entire house is a job for professionals, and you can add value to your home with a fresh coat of paint for the window frames and walls. If you're planning to sell your house soon and want to get a better price, you can hire Decorators Leamington Spa for painting services. We don’t recommend doing the job on your own. You need particular skills, products, methods, and tools to obtain beautiful results.

We can come to paint soffit, fascia and bargeboards

The roofline (the trim of any building) consists of soffits, fascia, and bargeboard. They don't just help your house look pretty, but also protect the internal structure of the house so that water and dampness don't reach inside and cause damage. Call the Painters Leamington Spa team to add a waterproof paint coating to protect the wooden elements of your home. To have your peace of mind, it’s best to hire professionals for such services every couple of years.

Decorators Leamington Spa offers numerous paint finishes with diverse colours. Since we have a rich experience, we can suggest which painting products work best with your house. The protection against the external elements will last for many years.

Hiring Decorators Leamington Spa is beneficial for you

Our painters and decorators have been in this field for years and know how to work with pebble and brick. They can select the methods and products most suited for your house. They are meticulous and prepare surfaces so that the results are durable.

At Painters Leamington Spa, we are fully insured and do everything within our power to give you the expected results. We are skilled to paint buildings (inside and outside), regardless of the type, size, or complexity grade. We can come to strip a deck surface, update the exterior façade, or fresh paint the interior space. Call us and find more details about our work.

Working with our team has many benefits, and the most significant are:

  • Our services are available as early as the next day
  • Our technicians are insured, experienced, and creative
  • We take on residential, commercial, and hospitality projects and achieve the promised results each time
  • Our work on elevations causes minor disturbance to you and your neighbours
  • We have fair and honest rates, with no hidden costs. When you call us, a team member can give you a free quote for the job. It includes both materials and labour.
  • We have health and safety insurance and a warranty
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Our services for the exterior of the house

At Painters Leamington Spa, we can come and perform many jobs for your house’s exterior. Keep reading for the details.

Fences and sheds

Our painters offer complete services for residential space. We use the best products and methods to paint fences and sheds. They will complete your house's exterior perfectly.

Brickwork and masonry

The finish of your house will look fantastic for many years as we use high-quality products, methods, and tools.

Doors and windows

We pride ourselves on having open and honest communication with our clients. As a result, we will talk and listen to your preferences about the looks of your doors and windows. We give our thoughts about which colours look best for your windows and door. Together, we can create the unique look you want for them.

Fascia and soffit

We have been long enough in this field to know that being detail-oriented will get you far. Therefore, we pay attention to the most minute detail when doing our job so that our clients are happy with the results. Our professionals will go above and beyond to make your house look just the way you've always dreamed about.

Outside render

We have access to the most up-to-date equipment and best products. As a result, we can cover the rendered surface of any kind: pebbledash, tyrolean, roughcast, etc. We adjust our methods to the surface's specifics and ensure that our painting results last for years.

Call us for a free quote

Painters Leamington Spa has house painting services for houses of all sizes, complexity, grades, age, and condition. When you call us, one team member can answer all your questions about our work and provide you with a quote for the job.

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